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An interview with Meagan Johanson, author of “Spent” and Sudden Fiction winner

What first informed your writing process for “Spent”, and for other stories you write? Would it be a character, a scene, a theme, the beginning and end? For me, story ideas usually come while I’m working on something completely unrelated to writing—dishes or laundry or something physical, but mundane enough to let my mind mumble […]

Press Unwind: Review of Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

Spaghetti. A missing cat. Mysterious phone calls. Rossini on the radio. A napping protagonist. If I attempted to summarize Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle to you, it would be as though I had plopped the pieces of an entire Liberty jigsaw puzzle in your lap. The novel is composed of a trillion tiny pieces—most […]

The Ethics of Writing Trauma – from the author of “Please, be Sensitive”

Content Warning: discussion of rape and repression I wrote a story for the second time last summer. At a time when churning out 10-page papers could be done mechanically, when my own hands could move without any connection to the brain, it took a surprising amount of time to write 845 words. But I loved […]

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