Issue 37

BFR Issue 37 Cover

Issue 37: 2017

Managing Editors: Alagia Cirolia, Georgia Peppé, Clare Suffern

Stories Featured

“The God of Love” by Kindall Gray

“Latent in Translation” by Margaret Chen

“Picasso to the Rescue” by Philip Jason

“1981” by Amy Kinner

“Grim Trigger” by Regan Farnsworth

“Next Stop” by Emily Conway

“The Blow-It on Cheezer Row” by Celestin d’Olanie

“The Magbapi Earth Trip!” by Jordan Balk Schaer

“The Beast of Ballyheige” by Alexander Sawyer

“Sometimes I Think You Don’t Love Me at All” by Raymond Fleischmann

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place:

“Memories of Nobody” by Gracia Mwamba

Second Place:

“American Ginseng” by Selena Stafford

Third Place:

“Drive-In” by G. B. Callous