Current Issue

Issue 39 – 2019


Copies available for purchase

Managing Editors: Summer Farah, Arya Sureshbabu, Bailey Dunn

Stories Featured

“In the Name of the Son” by Gary Pedler

“Perfume and Cigarettes” by Courtney S. Crane

“Behind the Dark Slide” by Stephanie Edd

“Spectators” by Ryan Spellman Vautour

“The Young Mayor of Villa Sorgo” by Dominic Blewett

“To Bask” by David Athey

“To Be Generous” by Michelle Ross & Kim Magowan

“The Jumper and the Gaijin” by Jennifer Popa

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place:

“Thirty” by David Renteria

Second Place:

“Trespassing” by Asmaa Ahmed

Third Place:

“My Grandpa Helps Me Pick Socks to Wear to His One Year Mass” by Jess Rizkallah

Honorable Mentions:

“Marion” by Charlotte Muth

“The Thirteenth Month” by Leka Gopal

Artists Featured

Cover Art by Menat Allah El Attma

Nice Evening by Fabrice Poussin

Her View by Fabrice Poussin

Red Satellite by Menat Allah El Attma


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