Issue 1


Issue 1: 1981

Featuring: First Issue of Berkeley Fiction Review!

Managing Editors: Julia Littleton, Jenne Mowry, Joe Sciallo, Paul Wedderein

“The Fanatic Plays on Muted Strings” by Gregor Krause

“Job’s Lane Deli” by Marian Treger

“Biscuit Car” by C.J.S. Wallia

“Gettin’ Over” by Rick Holtzman

“Moving Men” by Julia Littleton

“The Fever” by Jeff Knight

“Occidental” by Jenne Mowry

“A Hot Day” by Joe Sciallo

“Leap of Faith” by Rhona Klein

“The Mechanism” by Richard Flood

“Directions” by Heather Campbell

“Facts” by Mike Moore