Issue 19

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Issue 19: 1999   Read Online

Copies available for purchase

Managing Editors: John Rauschenberg, Elaine Wong

“Swimming the Cave” by John Blair

“Away!” by Susan Steinberg

“Apart” by Wayne Harrison

“Sleeping and Not Sleeping and Waking” by Grant Faulkner

“Rime of the Sweaty Girl” by Shawna Ryan

“The Splendor of Orchids” by Lindsey Crittenden

“A Kiss on the Forehead” by Josh Stevens

“How to Play Contract Bridge” by Jenny Weisberg

“Bearded Irises” by Candice Rowe

“The Sexologist” by Grant Flint

“Green Door” by Stephanie Mazow

“Girls with Weird Names” by Phoebe Kitandis

“The Goatman’s Wife” by Stephen Davenport

“Peaches” by G. Davies Jandrey

“The Last Unbelievable Inch of Extra” by Troy Cook

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