Issue 24

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Issue 24: 2004   Read Online

Managing Editors: Sarah McClure Haufrect, Julia Simon

1st Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “Crimes Against Nature” by Gail Bartley

2nd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “Running” by Nicolette Severson

3rd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “roommate” by Ginger Knowlton

“Why Writers Are Lonely” by Gary Buslik

“Raid” by Rebecca Soppe

“The Postcolonialist” by Tyler Dilts

“Irresponsible” by Aaron Hellem

“Dinner with the Mercers” by J. D. Mader

“Protection” by Stephen St Francis Decky

“Brief History of My Feet” by Ben Miller

“Tracy” by Robyn Murphy

“The Leather Coat” by Robert Mentzer

“Humid and Blue” by Willie Davis

“Deer in the Road” by Ted Sanders

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