Issue 26

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Issue 26: 2006   Read Online

Copies available for purchase

Managing Editors: Nikki Gloudeman, Adam Miller, Juliana Yee

1st Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “Long and Thin” by Liz Prato

2nd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “At Custer’s Last Stand” by Jose Garcia

3rd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “The Cornbin” by Edward Moore

“Bread” by Karin Lin-Greenberg

“Cellar of Light Where the Dead Man Was” by Robert Vivian

“My Campaign Story” by Paul Hanstedt

“Hoffmeister” by Andrew Tomlinson

“I Start Over” by Donald Ray Pollack

“The Baby” by Kyle Killen

“The Best Damn Suicide Letter Ever” by Edward Kelsey Moore

“Vacation” by Johanna Pirko

“The Sunset” by Dustin Miller

“There was a Fire Alarm, Like Before” by Kirsten Allen Major

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