Issue 29

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 6.41.41 PM

Issue 29: 2009

Copies available for purchase

Managing Editors: Malia Linda Javier, Rhoda Piland

1st Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “So Lucky” by Liz Moody

2nd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “Special Soap” by Jim Bainbridge

3rd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “Of Peculiarities and Cookies” by RJ Carter

“Desktop Dating” by Mark Fellin

“Cerberus Sleeps” by BK Loren

“Let’s Take a Bath Together” by Sam Pink

“Woman with Umbrella” by Mark Broeske

“Unnatural” by Aimee Pogson

“Bomb” by Patrick Hicks

“Seahawks” by Greg Pierce

“No Fun Anymore” by Jennifer Fawkes

“Fortified” by Randy Schmidt

“Ice Cream” by Todd Whaley

“Three Problems with the Fat Girl” by Laura Norton Raines

“The End of Everything Good” by Martin Slag

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