Issue 30

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.06.53 PM

Issue 30: 2010

Copies available for purchase

Managing Editors: Jennifer Brown, Caitlin McGuire

1st Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “To the Tooth” by Sarah Kobrinsky

2nd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “Hard Time” by William Delaney

3rd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “The Size of a Bird” by Elisa Fernandez-Arias

“Gun Country” by Douglas Silver

“Cycle” by Travis Sentell

“The Topless Widow of Herkimer Street” by Jacob M. Appel

“Brown-Eyed Babe” by Brandon Jennings

“And Peace at the Last” by Brighton Earley

“Ghost Story” by T. L. Toma

“Suite” by E. G. Silverman

“Zip Code” by Robert Moulthrop

“Crow Road” by Joe Wilkins

“You Can’t Tell Anyone About This” by Bayard Godsave

“Love and Pie” by Julie Lekstrom Himes

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