Issue 31

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.43.14 PM

Issue 31: 2011

Copies available for purchase

Managing Editors: Jennifer Brown, Brighton Earley, Caitlin McGuire

1st Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “The Finger in the Matchbox” by Lucas Carpenter

2nd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “Cleaver” by Kyle Snow

3rd Place Sudden Fiction Contest: “Trumpet” by M. J. Kelley

“Latchkey” by Anne Valente

“The Places We Keep Our Dead” by Tyler Evans

“The Mermaid and the Pornographer” by Jacqueline Vogtman

“Disarticulation” by Brad McLellan

“Couple” by Meg Tuite

“Indian Village” by B. J. Hollars

“Any Little Morsel” by Bess Winter

“Cricket Song” by Carissa Lentz

“Funeral Games” by Caitlin Campbell

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