Issue 4


Issue 4: 1983

Managing Editors: Dionosio Valesco, Terrence Gee


“The Last Summer, Missouri” by Leslie Bow

“Fooling Marie” by Charles Bukowski

“The Boy with the Green Hair” by John Caufield

“Dreams of Manong Frankie” by Virginia Cerenio

“Makeover” by Perri Klass

“Warmoestraat” by Scott L. Malcomson

“Love Hundred Miles to Disneyland” by Freeman Scott

“Untitled” by Shana Wagger


“Let Everything Equal Zero” by Mark Dery

“Silhouettes and Shadows” by Michael Grotsky

“Exploring the Silence” by Hal Sirowitz

“I Don’t Like Women” by Julia Vinograd

“Waiting for Tomatoes” by Nellie Wong