Issue 6

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Double Issue 6: 1986   Read Online

Featuring: Contemporary Poetry from the Soviet Union

Managing Editors: Julie Christianson, Christina Ferrari, Christopher Gregor

“Anne and Animals” by Paul Kafka

“Stolen Children” by Phillip Kittower

“Waiting to Know” by Patricia Jane Jones

“Being Born” by Paul Weinman

“Forgotten Land” by Therese Saliba

“Cheops. Rameses. Raritan. Giza.” by Donald Stewart

“Him, Alone” by Leslie Howes

“Clepsydra” by E. G. Willy

“The Dieter” by Philip Hanson

“Evolution of Script” by Peter Logan

“The Fledgling” by Lori Hester Arthur

“1973” by Dugi Step

“Fig” by Cynthia Eagleton

“Our World” by Richard J. Grula

“The Box” by Francesca Lia Block

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