Issues 2 & 3


Issues 2 & 3: 1982   Read Review of Issue 2

Managing Editors: Jenne Mowry, Joe Sciallo

“On the Ground” by Eva Konrad

“The Quiet Daughter” by Gerardo Lopez

“Light as Seeds” by Marilyn Clark

“The Earth is Round” by Peter Bischel  (translated by Steven Murray)

“In Braxton” by Paul Wedderien

“Japanese Vase” by Valerie Miner

“Rain” by Liam Lockhart

“The World of Consequences” by Joe Sciallo

“A Nice Place to Visit” by Ellen Akins

“Voice” by Barry Warren

“Like Strangers” by Alisa J. Golden

“Grey Morning” by Julia Littleton

“Fade to White” by Terrence Gee

“Please, Dear Sister, Do Not Be Alarmed” by Malcolm Waugh

“The Swimming Pool” by Tamsen Armstrong

“Caretaker” by Mark Palmer

“A Minor Miracle” by Charlie MacDonald

“Remorse” by Michael Moore

“From Afar” by Marian Tregor