Issue 38

Issue 38 (2018)

Managing Editors: Summer Farah, Arya Sureshbabu, Ariel Palmer-Collins

Stories Featured

➢ “Crab Girl” by Holly Chen

➢ “Multiple Deterrents” by Laura White Gray

➢ “Nurture” by Anna Vangala Jones

➢ “Port-Au-Prince” by Alexandra Maloney

➢ “The Goodbye Glory” by Alex Luceli Jiménez

➢ “The Mean Streets” by Yersinia Pestis

➢ “Anything that Shines” by Ashlee Beals

➢ “A Ghost in the Hallway” by Job Miller

➢ “Montauk’s Design” by Alistair Rey

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
➢ “Solstice” by Elizabeth Scott

Second Place
➢ “Bless Me Father” by Gordon Gregory

Third Place
➢ “Homecoming” by Chris Nelson

Honorable Mentions
➢ “Forget the Line Breaks” by Al Reitz
➢ “How To Make Good Stock” by Melanie Haney

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