Issue 40

We are officially sold out of Issue 40 copies! Thank you all for the incredible support with this issue! For now, there are plenty of older issues available for purchase, which you can see on our Journal page.

Issue 40 (2020)

Cover Art by Kristina Kim

Managing Editors: Regina Lim, Molly Nolan

Stories Featured

➢ “Resignation” by Zachary and Christen Davis

➢ “Drought” by Tommy Lambert

➢ “Behind the Birchwoods” by Mike Yunxuan Li

➢ “The Glue” by Arash Dabestani

➢ “Please, Be Sensitive” by Mackhai Nguyen

➢ “His Scaly Self” by Josef Kuhn

➢ “Abandoned Things” Kristina Kim

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
➢ “Spent” by Meagan Johanson

Second Place
➢ “How to Ask Your White Teacher for a Letter of Recommendation” by Doris W. Cheng

Third Place
➢ “Shirt” by Christine Vines

Honorable Mentions
➢ “The Smell of Dirt” by Elodie Townsend
➢ “Fitting Rooms” by Sarena Kuhn

Artists Featured

➢ Martin’s foot walked out the door by Layla Chamberlin

➢ The World’s Forgotten Boy by Silas Plum

➢ Broken Teacup by Tajae Keith

➢ Annotation and Sudden Fiction by Julia Jin

➢ Cover Art and Nursery by Kristina Kim

Berkeley Fiction Review
c/o ASUC Student Union FMO
432 Eshleman, MC 4500
Berkeley, CA 94720


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