The Berkeley Fiction Review has three managing editors per semester, who oversee a team of nine assistant editors divided into three departments, Publicity and Events, Advertising and Outreach, and Distributions.

Fall 2018 Staff

Managing Editors:

Summer Farah

Arya Sureshbabu

Bailey Dunn

Assistant Editors:

Neha Dabke

Regina Lim

Alejandra Dechet

Aly Maloney

Molly Nolan

Olivia Colson

Alex Luceli Jiménez

Keila Cone-Uemura

Angela Yin

Faculty Sponsor:

Professor David Marno



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  1. Hi, I’m an incoming freshman who is interested in editing and publishing as well as submitting my own fiction. Is there anyway I can be involved in the magazine other than submissions?

    Alagia Cirolia

    • Please check out our Decal on The posting isn’t up quite yet, but will be toward the end of the summer! We teach a class for Berkeley students on editing short fiction. After spending a semester as a class member, you’ll have the opportunity to interview for a position on the editing team. Welcome to Berkeley!

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