Issue 38

BFR Issue 38 Cover

Issue 38: 2018

Managing Editors: Summer Farah, Arya Sureshbabu, Ariel Palmer-Collins

Featured Stories
“Crab Girl” by Holly Chen

“Multiple Deterrents” by Laura White Gray

“Nurture” by Anna Vangala Jones

“Port-Au-Prince” by Alexandra Maloney

“The Goodbye Glory” by Alex Luceli Jiménez

“The Mean Streets” by Yersinia Pestis

“Anything that Shines” by Ashlee Beals

“A Ghost in the Hallway” by Job Miller

“Montauk’s Design” by Alistair Rey

Sudden Fiction Winners
First Place
“Solstice” by Elizabeth Scott

Second Place
“Bless Me Father” by Gordon Gregory

Third Place
“Homecoming” by Chris Nelson

Honorable Mentions
“Forget the Line Breaks” by Al Reitz
“How To Make Good Stock” by Melanie Haney